How to maintain your DREAM weight

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How to maintain your DREAM weight

You’ve achieved your goal weight, it feels great and you’re overjoyed! Then a thought occurs: “How am I going to maintain this dream weight?”

No worries because we got a few tricks to make it easier for you so that number on the scale does not rise again.

You’ve completed the first phase of weight management, which is weight loss.

The second is weight maintenance, which might need greater commitment and effort.

But despite the difficulties, the long-term benefits outweigh them all.

Maintaining weight loss helps lower your cholesterol and blood sugar levels while reducing stress on your bones, joints, and your heart.

It also increases brain function and gives you more energy.

Mentally, weight loss maintenance boosts your self-esteem and even helps you stay in a good mood.

Here's how to maintain your dream weight and keep boosting your self-esteem:

  1. Build more muscle. Because your metabolism speeds up as you gain muscle, it reduces your body fat percentage and increases your calorie burn. Working out with strength training such as lifting weight, increasing protein consumption, and staying hydrated are a few of the many healthy ways to gain muscle mass.

  2. Count calories. Keep track of your calorie intake during the day with a journal or an app. Also, measuring meal portions can be one of the important aspects of preventing weight gain. Luckily, there’s no need to be specific with portion control; using the “plate method”, estimate by dividing your plate to help you measure acceptable sizes of different foods.

  3. Add intensity to your workout plan. Have a milestones to hit on your workouts, where your goal is to outdo the previous workout. For example, if you did 10 repetitions of a certain exercise, next time do 11 repetitions. Another example is that you can reduce rest periods or increase the weight little by little. These are 3 simple ways that can use to add intensity without spending more time in the gym. 

  4. Eat breakfast. Do not skip breakfast, as many people who skip it tend to eat more during the day, and eat breakfast that is high in fiber and protein. This will make you feel full, as well as, give you more energy to keep moving. Eating breakfast also replenishes the nutrients supply you’ve lost while asleep.

  5. Fight off “hunger”. Reducing food intake isn’t going to keep you from gaining weight. It will increase your cravings. Eat more fiber-rich foods, such as fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and high-quality protein shakes. This type of foods will keep you feeling satisfied throughout the day and prevent the feeling of hunger and cravings at bay.


Though most of these tricks are heard endlessly to help you maintain your weight loss, these are time-tested methods people often ignore because they expect more complex techniques.

Even so, remember that the classics will help you better than trending techniques and shouldn’t be overlooked. After all, that’s why they are timeless.


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