Want to live an extraordinary life? (Whatever that means to YOU)

Want to live an extraordinary life? (Whatever that means to YOU)

Want to live an extraordinary life? (Whatever that means to YOU)

Pay close attention to little kids! If you want to succeed, you’re going to need to be a “GROWN” kid. 

Here’s what I mean...

When I was a little kid, my parents, teachers and just about everyone around me told me I could do and be anything I wanted. The message was “everything is possible.”

Then, as I started growing up, things started to change... It seemed like everyone changed their minds, once you grow up the message shifts to the extreme opposite. 

Many people tried to bury my goals and dreams. So many people told me I was crazy, so many people said I was wasting my time...

Most adults have “limitations”, excuses, and BS advice like:
“Be realistic”
“You can’t do this”
“You can’t do that”
(Really? Watch me)

Most adults die too early... They don’t get buried until way way way later, but they live a “death” life. A life without stretching, without anything extraordinary. Just half-assing life, going through the motions. Living life in their peers’ standards, knowing they wanted something higher but quit.

Pay attention to any little kid, anytime they really want something THEY PERSIST! They don’t take NO for an answer. They DON’T QUIT, at least not that easy like most adults.

Since I was a kid I wanted to be a hero in someway, today, I might not be a superman, I definitely can’t fly.. But I’m on my way to be the freakin’ hero in my story, and I want you to be your own.

Don’t listen to the BS from ordinary adults if you want an EXTRAordinary result. Remember, their results are ordinary for a reason.


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Octavio Urias

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