How to Drop 1-2 Sizes Within a Month

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How to Drop 1-2 Sizes Within a Month

Time passed and you see you’re as active as when you started and have been cutting down on calories, and you probably even searched about other ways or recipes to lose weight easier. 

But you’re not seeing results. 

What could it be?

Let’s admit that you won’t be able to keep your metabolism fired up without exerting more effort as you get older. 

Simply put, it takes more work as you age. 

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be like that because there are ways to keep your metabolism running, or make it even faster and stronger, to constantly burn calories.

Here are five simple secrets you can start today to boost your metabolism up and begin losing weight.

Keep Hydrated

Low metabolic rates and dehydration go hand in hand. Increase your water intake to at least 2+ liters of fresh water each day.

It will not only keep the insides of your body clean, but you’ll have clearer skin and enjoy more energy.

If you struggle drinking plain (boring) water, add this for great sugar-free flavoring plus key nutrients. 

Eat Frequently

There’s nothing wrong with having frequent meals and snacks.

Eat whole foods because they provide a range of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that provide the energy for you to keep moving.

Meals with no preservatives and unnecessary components will help your body burn perfectly into having a faster metabolism.

Increase Protein

Begin with a protein-rich breakfast by including eggs or greek yogurt, instead of having sugary cereals or bread.

Next, work your way into snacks like having easily digestible and fast acting protein shake like this one. 

Then, your lunches and dinners by including fish, chicken breasts, or other lean protein source of your choice.

High protein intake lets you shed more calories and increase metabolism, making you burn even more calories all day long.

Sleep More

When it comes to regulating metabolism, sleep is essential.

Your body recovers itself while you sleep, which is important for both burning fat and building muscle.

Glucose levels and even hormones involved in metabolism can change negatively due to sleep deficiency.

Establish proper sleeping habits by going to bed at the right hours and strive for eight hours of quality sleep, so you’ll feel energized the next day.

Vary Workout Intensity

Changing the intensity of your workout session, by increasing it or switching routines focused on other muscle groups, forces your body and your brain to work harder.

Also, when you workout at a different intensity or using different angles/stimulus, you use more oxygen and nutrients to fuel yourself into burning more calories. 

Here's another way you can easily turn up the intensity in your workouts. 

A person’s metabolism is the rate at which their body burns calories for energy.

With these 5 simple tips, you can get your metabolism up and running as you continuously lose more calories.

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