Stuck on that body weight?

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Stuck on that body weight?

We all know that dropping serious weight can take a long time, from months to years, depending on how you do it.

But it’s been months and you wonder, why am I not losing as much as the girl/guy on Instagram?

Am I doing things right?

Perhaps you’re doing it right but just having slow progress, or you’ve hit a roadblock.

How would you know if you’ve a hit roadblock?

We listed the 4 most common roadblocks along with what you could try if you’re currently having situations like these.

Extremely restrictive dieting

    We believe that if we eat less than what is said in trending diet plans, we can lose weight faster. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. 

    Instead of eating less, we should eat more. A healthy diet provides us with essential nutrients, which is something we shouldn’t restrict ourselves on. Eat more whole unprocessed foods such as fruits, vegetables, and lean meats. Make it a habit to drink more water and fresh juices. As much as possible, what we need to avoid are processed foods and preservatives, as well as sugary beverages.

    The “forbidden” list

      We create our own list of things we’re not supposed to eat based on trending diets, and carbohydrates is always on the list because most diets restrict them.

      Cutting out a food category in its entirety, such as carbohydrates, causes our bodies to respond badly. Each food group contains unique nutrients that aid our body to perform at its best and therefore help in weight loss. What we need to put in the list are processed foods, refined sugars, and preservatives. It’s better to just reduce serving amounts than cut off the entire food group.

      Self-esteem issues

        If we keep comparing ourselves with ideal images of weight loss (that often times are extremely edited), we might lose motivation. We’d stress ourselves out and feel emotional, and these contribute to comfort eating. As a result, we gain more instead of losing weight.

        Keep in mind that your weight-loss journey isn’t the same as theirs, so stop comparing your body with others, If you don’t respect your body, you’ll never succeed in losing weight, Instead of using body comparison, use being better physically and mentally as motivation to lose weight.

        Losing muscle

          We lose muscle as we lose weight, which is a disadvantage. This has a cascading effect because when we lose muscle, our metabolism slows, then we burn less calories.

          To help your body regenerate muscles and improve metabolism, consume more protein. Additionally, eating enough protein helps you feel full for a longer time.

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          In every weight loss journey, hitting roadblocks along the way is normal and is part of the process.

          Be observant, because knowing your situation can help you find possible solutions.

          Weight loss success is different for everyone, so don’t equate your results to others’.

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