Lacking energy or motivation?

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Lacking energy or motivation?

It’s time to bust a move but you don’t feel motivated or don’t have the energy to go to the gym.

You feel tired and want to lay down that day.

You had breakfast that morning, but you still don't have the energy!

Are there other ways to awaken the energy inside of you and start doing workouts?

There’s no need to panic because we’re here to help you!

There are a few things you can do alone, or mixed up, to give yourself some energy and motivation.

Take a look at these five ideas to recharge your battery before a workout session.


Being dehydrated before doing an exercise can make you feel sluggish, dizzy, and weak.

If your body’s dehydrated, your body won’t make more energy, and you won’t make the most out of your workout.

So, hug down some water before your workout, and continue to drink some more during your session to replenish the tons of water you have sweated out.

Correct Snacks

An hour or two before you head for the gym, have some fruit and a light protein source.

Blend them into a smoothie or eat them whole.

The healthy carbs from the fruits and the amino acids in protein will provide you with continuous energy during your workout session.


Caffeine can boost your stamina and strength.

Caffeine is a stimulant that naturally increases your adrenaline as it sends glucose and oxygen into your muscles.

Though taking in caffeine has its benefits, you still need to be cautious about your caffeine intake. 

Just don't over do it. 

Deep Breathing

Deep breathing forces you to provide more oxygen into your body, which then slows the heart rate and improves circulation.

Take our 1 minute challenge, simply set the timer for 1 minute and just breath in deeply and breath out as slowly as possible, repeating this for 60 seconds.

It is because of a simple breathe in and breathe out that you feel more energized afterward.


Whenever we watch a video or a movie, we get curious or inspired to try it out.

Whenever we play upbeat and motivational songs, we start thinking we could do anything at any time.

Try it out 30 minutes to an hour before your workout, loosen up and feel like a movie character or a fitness rock star.



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There is no limit to how much motivation you can gain from these listed ideas.

It’s with the right motivation that people get totally fueled up to try new things or keep pushing through with what they're doing.