How To Conquer Post-Workout Cravings

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How To Conquer Post-Workout Cravings

Don’t lie, but you’ve been to that situation where you finish a workout and you’re starving!

You start praying for a huge bowl of ice cream, or pizza, and could even lead you to overeat.

You hear yourself saying, “I earned this after crushing today’s workout” after you buy a gigantic burger and large fries.

Fall into temptation every time and all those workouts would mean nothing!

Keep calm because we’re here to guide you on winning all your battles against post-workout cravings in the future.

Plan ahead

Try out meal planning where you plan your week’s meals based on how much carbohydrates, proteins, and fats you need.

From there, you may fit in your usual food cravings.

Also, take note to plan a variety of meals using similar ingredients.

That way, your taste buds can be entertained and satisfied.

Eat frequently

Stocking up on calories regulates blood sugar levels and even keeps cravings at bay.

However, be sure to keep your portion sizes in check if you decided to eat multiple times a day.

Going to the gym when hungry, will make you starve more when you’re done. 

Grab a light snack like a protein shake an hour or 2 before your workout.

Add protein to your meals

Showed in studies, a balanced combination of protein and carbohydrates happens to be the ideal post-workout meal.

Protein, known as the building blocks of muscle, refuels it after workouts and also keeps your appetite under control by stimulating certain hormones to help you feel full.

Consider adding eggs, lean cuts of meat, fish, and poultry into your dishes.

Stay hydrated

More frequently than not, exercise increases thirst and can be mistaken for hunger.

So next time you have cravings after coming back from the gym, drink some water first instead of sugary drinks.

The rule is to drink around 2 cups of water for every pound of weight you’ve lost.

Choose healthy alternatives

There’s nothing wrong with having cravings, as long as you satisfy it with a healthier version. 

If you’re searching for a big serving of fries, don’t resist and order sweet potato fries but in a smaller serving.

Sweet potatoes are filled with more fiber!

Craving for ice cream or fruit shake?

Create your own healthy version of it using real fruits and then add protein powder to it.

(Here's a healthy way to make ice cream)

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