“Chocolate Covered Strawberry Shake”

“Chocolate Covered Strawberry Shake”

If you know me, you know one of my weaknesses is chocolate covered strawberries... I could eat them everyday to satisfy my sweet cravings, but I don’t because I’ve got fitness and health goals =)

So, this is what I do instead, to stay on track while still getting that sweet and satisfying chocolate strawberry combo... TRY THIS! “Chocolate Covered Strawberry Shake”

Everything in a blender:

8 oz of fat free lactose free milk

1 scoop of mexican hot chocolate Deurca Sports Nutrition Superior Whey Isolate

1 cup of strawberries (your choice of natural or frozen)


Nutrition facts for this shake:

✔️Calories = 270

✔️Protein = 38 grams

✔️Carbs = 26.5 grams

✔️Fats = 1.5 gram


Making a protein shake couldn’t be easier and is one of my favorite ways to enjoy a filling, and healthy drink. Give this yummy and nutritious shake a try! 


==> Use this protein for best flavor, consistency, and nutrition!