3 mistakes most people make trying to get fit

3 mistakes most people make trying to get fit

Want an easier way to lose fat?

Stop starving yourself, counting calories, following those stupid "nothing but soup" or eat only one type of food diets...

All that crap just burns you out on does NOT give you long lasting results. Ever.

I bet if I sat on your shoulder and watched your daily routine, I would be able to identify at least 3 areas where you could make simple changes that effortlessly help you lose unwanted pounds.
Because the truth is that real fat loss comes with lasting, healthy lifestyle changes.
You’ll get to your goals quicker when you stop making these mistakes:
=====Mistake #1:
Lack of Sleep. To put this simply, you need to sleep more. Most adults need an average of eight hours of sleep each night, and I know you aren’t getting that much. When you don’t get adequate amounts of rest, you’re more likely to be hungry, overeat, and gain weight. I myself am guilty of this one, because I have a very busy lifestyle, but definitely working on it! You cannot believe the change I’ve seen in my performance in my workouts after sleeping more. You’ll be a beast, and the harder you are able to train, the better results you get.
How does this work? Something like this.
If you’re tired, you won’t feel like cooking a healthy meal, and you’ll opt for fast (fattening) food instead. This very same lack of energy will also likely cause you to skip the gym. On top of that, sleep deprivation causes your metabolism to slow down, and if you’ve not heard, that is not something you want when trying to shed a few pounds.
=====Mistake #2:
Skipping Breakfast (unless you are following a well designed intermittent fasting protocol, which most people aren't). Want to know a secret to successful weight loss? Eat breakfast! Try cutting calories by skipping breakfast, and you’ll be excessively hungry by mid-day. As a result, the healthy calories you would have eaten at breakfast are replaced with calorie-filled snacks and an over-sized lunch.
Once again, fitting breakfast into your busy schedule may mean dramatic lifestyle changes. But research shows that the habit of eating a healthy breakfast is key to losing weight and keeping pounds off. Get to bed 30 minutes earlier than usual and set your alarm 10 minutes earlier to give yourself time to eat breakfast. Here's one of my favorite breakfast recipes
=====Mistake #3:
Drinking Too Much Sugar. Lasting fat loss is about changes. Unfortunately, some of the changes one must make are difficult. If you’re one of the millions hooked on soda, alcohol, or other sweetened beverages then your fitness goals may remain out of reach until you replace these drinks with water. You should also know that your brain often confuses thirst with hunger.
So at the first sign of hunger, don’t grab a snack or calorie-filled drinks. Instead, grab a glass of water. Wait 30 minutes and then reevaluate if you are really hungry. 
These 3 lifestyle changes aren’t always easy to make and change won’t happen overnight.

Chances are, you’ll have occasional setbacks. But don’t give up.

Each day is a new beginning, and it starts out with no mistakes in it.

Begin each morning with the resolve to not only stick with your healthy eating habits, but your lifestyle changes as well.

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