Bad News


Today, we share some sad news. Our beloved Vanilla Cinnamon Protein has officially sold out, and we're down to the last few of our Mexican Hot Chocolate Protein.

It's been a joy to see how much you've loved these flavors. 

However, due to ongoing inventory challenges, including the supply chain disruptions and inflation we've all felt since the pandemic, we're pausing production of our Superior Whey Isolate Proteins (all flavors). 

This means once our current batch of Mexican Hot Chocolate Protein sells out, we won't be able to restock for some time.

Unfortunately, the cost to produce Superior Whey Isolate Protein has skyrocketed, and we've been absorbing these costs ourselves since 2020. 

We haven't passed this increase onto you, our valued clients, which means we don't make any profit from this product. 

We've done this to ensure you continue to enjoy our Superior Whey Isolate Protein without additional financial burden during these already challenging times.

We understand this announcement is disappointing. Superior Whey Isolate Proteins are some of our best-selling products, and it's tough for us to not be able to offer them continuously. 

The last few years have taught us all about resilience and adaptation, and we're committed to navigating these challenges with transparency and dedication to you, our valued community.

If you want to savor the unique taste of our Mexican Hot Chocolate Protein one more time, now's your chance. 

Click here to place your order while supplies last.

Thank you for your understanding and unwavering support. 

Octavio Urias & Team 

P.S. Fired Up, our #1 fat burner is coming back in stock within the week. Stay tuned as it always sells out. 

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